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I Was Gifted a Crystal Chakra Balancing Session…What Can I Expect?

Congratulations! The use of crystal therapy to treat the human body dates back thousands of years, and the “laying on of stones” has been practiced by many different cultures. You have received a very thoughtful and powerful gift – one that may influence your perception of health and well-being in the future.  Before diving into what you can expect during your session, it is helpful to understand the basics behind what chakras are, and how crystals affect them.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy hubs or vortices in our bodies. We have many of them throughout our bodies, but there are seven main chakras that are the focus of most chakra balancing sessions. Each of these chakras is associated with specific body parts and functions. When one or more chakra is out of balance with the others, it can affect those body parts and functions, as well as our emotions. 

Here are the seven main chakras and some of the emotions that they influence:   

  1. Root (security and stability)
  2. Sacral (creativity, enthusiasm for life, nurturing oneself and others)
  3. Solar Plexus (confidence, self-esteem, and sense of humor)
  4. Heart (warmth, sincerely and ability to love)
  5. Throat (communication and listening skills)
  6. Third Eye (imagination, intuition, and perception)
  7. Crown (wisdom and spiritual connection)
The Seven Chakras
We have many chakras, or energy hubs, throughout our body. There are seven main chakras that are the focus of most chakra balancing sessions.

What Does it Mean When a Chakra is “Out of Balance?”

When the chakras are balanced, their energy is gently rotating in a clockwise direction, creating vortexes that are of the same size. It is possible for someone to have chakras that are spinning counterclockwise as a normal condition, but that is not common. When your chakras are balanced, they are all working together in unison.

When chakras are out of balance, one of them may be rotating in the wrong direction or not moving at all. Another one may have a rotation that is much larger or smaller than that of the other chakras. These are indications that a chakra could be overactive, underactive, blocked, or just need a slight bit of adjustment. There are many factors that can cause the chakras to become unbalanced, including physical or emotional traumas. Even common events such as the death of family member or pet, an argument, or a minor car accident can cause chakras to become unbalanced.  Having your chakras balanced is a way to recalibrate them back to their optimal state.

How Does a Crystal Therapist Know What Crystals to Use?  

During your session, your crystal therapist will use various methods to choose which crystals will be most effective. One of those methods is by color.

Colors have specific electromagnetic frequencies, and those frequencies align with the energy of certain chakras. Here are the colors that are associated with the seven main chakras:  

  1. Root – Red
  2. Sacral – Orange
  3. Solar Plexus – Yellow
  4. Heart – Green
  5. Throat – Blue
  6. Third Eye – Indigo
  7. Crown – Violet

These colors represent the section of the light spectrum that can be seen with the human eye.    

Choosing a crystal strictly based on color is not a hard and fast rule, though. It is a good starting point, but many crystal therapists use their intuition and other methods to select crystals. Crystals not only store the vibrational frequencies of light, but sound as well. A crystal that a therapist chooses may have a different color than what is normally associated with a chakra, but it can be just as effective.  

Visible Light Spectrum
This photo shows the visible light spectrum. The colors that the human eye can see are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each color has its own electromagnetic frequency.

Why Do Our Chakras Respond to Crystals?  

Using crystals to balance chakras isn’t the only method that can be used, but it is the simplest and most straightforward.  

In his book, “Vibrational Medicine,” Dr. Richard Gerber states that biologists have “come to recognize that many of the cellular membranes and structures within the human body are liquid crystals…”

However, even though our bodies contain crystals, we are not entirely “crystalline.” The molecular structure of our bodies is not as organized as that of a crystal, so our vibrational frequencies are not as stable. Because the energetic frequencies in crystals are more stable than those in our bodies, they are referred to as having a “higher amplitude.” 

When a crystal is placed on or near a chakra, a phenomenon known as “entrainment” occurs.  This is a principle of physics which states that, “energy of a higher amplitude will dominate and influence a similar frequency of a lower amplitude.”

This principle can be illustrated by placing a large metronome with a high amplitude in a room with smaller metronomes that have a lower amplitude. When the large metronome is activated, the smaller metronomes will entrain, or sync up, with the larger metronome. They will move in resonance with its higher frequency because they are being influenced and dominated by it.

The same thing occurs when a yellow crystal is placed on the Solar Plexus chakra. Yellow has a vibrational frequency that is aligned with the Solar Plexus. Because the energy of the crystal is more stable than that of the body, the frequency of the Solar Plexus will start to entrain to that of the yellow crystal, harmonizing the energy around it.    

Veracruz Amethyst
Crystals have a very organized molecular structure, which makes their vibrational frequency more stable than that of the human body. When they are placed on our chakras, their vibrational frequencies will entrain to that of the crystals.

What to Expect Before, During and After Your Crystal Chakra Balancing Session

Many energy therapists combine various methodologies during their sessions. These include but aren’t limited to Reiki, sound and light therapy, essential oils, and meditation. It is also possible to have your chakras balanced with crystals through a distance healing session and receive the same results that you would from an in-person session, but the logistics would obviously be different.  The session described below is for a basic in-person chakra balancing session with crystals.

Crystals On A Proxy Board
It is possible to have your chakras balanced with crystals through a distance healing session and receive the same results that you would from in-person session.

Prior to your session, your crystal therapist should conduct an interview and provide you with some basic information about crystal therapy and address any questions or concerns that you may have. He or she may also ask you to fill out a questionnaire to allow for a preliminary assessment of your chakras. Attitudes, emotions, and behavioral patterns can reflect imbalances. This is also a good time to report any physical issues that you may be experiencing.  

During your session, you will be fully clothed, and your therapist will want you to be as comfortable as possible. It is best for you to be lying down on your back with knees slightly elevated and your eyes covered, to allow for complete relaxation. All situations are different, though, so don’t hesitate to make your therapist aware of any discomfort or physical limitations that could detract from your experience. Your body temperature may drop slightly during your session, so most clients prefer to be covered with a blanket or sheet.

The average time it takes for a chakra balancing session with crystals is about an hour, but it could be longer or shorter depending upon the situation. The most important thing for you to do is just relax and enjoy the experience. You will be guided through the session by your therapist and may be asked to imagine light moving up and around your body or to focus on a certain chakra. Many people fall asleep during their sessions, and that is perfectly fine. Our bodies heal when we are sleeping.

To begin your session, your crystal therapist will ensure that you are grounded and then activate your light column. He or she can use various methods to test the rotation of your chakras. As crystals are chosen, they will be placed on your body at the location of each chakra.  It may be necessary to retest and replace some of the crystals, until an effective combination is achieved.  Since this therapy is focused on energy and frequencies, there is no need to physically touch your body.  

While the crystals are on your chakras, your therapist will make notes about which crystals were used and the results. These notes are very useful, especially if you choose to book future sessions. He or she will also monitor you for any signs of discomfort or distress. It is not uncommon for emotions to be released and for your eyes to tear up. After your chakras are in alignment, he or she will check for and seal any leakages in your energetic field.  

Taking Notes
While the selected crystals are resting on your chakras, your therapist will make notes about which crystals were used and the results.

Your crystal therapist will have some type of method to signal that your session is complete. He or she may ring a small bell or tingsha cymbals. Remain lying down or slowly sit up, but don’t try to stand immediately. You may feel a little bit woozy or light-headed for a few minutes, but it will pass.  Be sure to monitor any changes in your physical body or emotions for a few days and report any issues to your therapist.  What you will most likely experience is an increase in energy, a decrease in brain fog and an overall sense of well-being.

As is the case with most therapies, it may take more than one session to correct existing conditions, especially when a chakra is very stubborn. Also, it is extremely rare for our chakras to remain balanced. Daily experiences can alter the state of our chakras at any time, so keeping them balanced is an ongoing process. Scheduling regular sessions is highly recommended.

Enjoy your crystal chakra balancing session!

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