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Spirit Flower Geodes: Connect the Heart and Third Eye

Spirit Flower Geodes Named Stone of the Year for 2022

In 2021, an exciting new type of geode was discovered in San Benito, Chihuahua, Mexico. These beautiful geodes contain a combination of tiny purple fluorite crystals, botryoidal formations of blue-white chalcedony and sparkling druse quartz. Recognized as one of the two “Stones of the year for 2022” by well-known author Robert Simmons, these special geodes will undoubtedly be highly sought after by mineral collectors, energy healers, and crystal enthusiasts.  

Spirit Flower Geode
This Spirit Flower Geode is generously sprinkled with purple fluorite crystals.

Spirit Flower Geodes Direct Energies to the Heart and Third Eye Chakras

In an article published in the MetaGuide Magazines 2022 Tucson Guide, Simmons writes, “Holding one of these stones at the heart chakra and inviting its currents to enter, one’s chest is immediately filled with soft calming energies that are deeply soothing to the emotional body.”  He describes the energy as it rises from the heart to the third eye as a feeling of “sweetness, as if a beautiful flower were growing there and opening hundreds of tiny blossoms.” This was obviously the inspiration for the name, “Spirit Flower.”

Spirit Flower Geode
This Spirit Flower Geode displays beautiful crystal patterns, created by a purple fluorite background, dotted with white chalcedony.

Energy Healers Can Benefit Greatly from Spirit Flower Geodes

Simmons indicates that crystal practitioners and energy healers will find that Spirit Flower Geodes are useful for emotional healing and doing inner work, as they can calm the throat chakra and aid in the reduction of stress, replacing it with feelings of serenity. He writes that, “Spirit Flower Geodes support the body in bringing in all of its systems into harmonious accord, which is essential for good health, or for recovery from illness.” His recommendation for spiritual healers is to “hold a Spirit Flower Geode before beginning a session, because it’s energies will clear one’s energy system, making a more open channel for healing.”

Spirit Flower Geode
Some Spirit Flower Geodes contain blue-white botryoidal chalcedony that has grown over purple fluorite crystals.

Achieve Deeper Meditative States with Spirit Flower Geodes

These exquisite geodes emit a soft, gentle energy that encircles one with feelings of warmth and love. They are the perfect gift to give someone who is a very special part of your life, especially for those who meditate with crystals and stones. Spirit Flower Geodes can help to quiet the mind during meditation, allowing one to enter a deeper meditative state.

Spirit Flower Geode
Spirit Flower Geodes with symmetrically rounded openings like this one are difficult to find.

Spirit Flower Geodes are Mined by Hand from Solid Rock

Spirit Flower Geodes are very difficult to obtain.  The miners travel on foot to the dig location and use axes and shovels to remove the geodes from walls of solid rock matrix. Removing each geode by hand is labor intensive and time consuming, but this process is necessary to prevent damage to the structure of the geodes and the delicate crystals inside.  

Spirit Flower Geode miners
Spirit Flower Geode miners travel on foot to the dig location in San Benito, Chihuahua, Mexico. Photo credit: Gruta Minerals
Spirit Flower Geode in Rock Matrix Wall
Spirit Flower Geodes are mined one at a time from walls of solid rock matrix. This process helps protect the structure of the geodes and the delicate crystals inside. Photo credit: Gruta Minerals
Spirit Flower Geodes with Axe
Spirit Flower Geodes are dug by hand from solid rock, using axes and shovels. Photo credit: Gruta Minerals

The Effects of Ultraviolet Light on Spirit Flower Geodes

Some of the minerals in Spirit Flower Geodes will react to both shortwave and longwave ultraviolet light, as can be seen in the image below. Under 365nm long wave light, the chalcedony will typically light up with a bright green glow and the fluorite will change from purple to burgundy. Some Spirit Flower Geodes will also contain spots of bright white and vibrant red light.  

Spirit Flower Geode under indoor and UV light
Some of the minerals in Spirit Flower Geodes will react to ultraviolet light. The bottom image was taken under 365nm longwave UV light.

As with all new discoveries, no one can be sure how large a deposit is, or how long the supply will last, so don’t hesitate to add a Spirit Flower Geode to your collection today!  We have hand selected some of the highest quality Spirit Flower Geodes available, and we’re proud to offer an extensive selection at affordable prices. Click here to shop for your Spirit Flower Geode in our store! 

Spirit Flower Geode
Most Spirit Flower Geodes are uniquely shaped. Many of them have pockets of druse crystals and small caverns inside.

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