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Malachite: Heal the Heart and Manifest Dreams

Beautiful Bands of Green in Malachite

Malachite is a very beautiful and recognizable stone that features wavy bands of green in shades from light seafoam to dark forest in color. These bands are due to its botryoidal and stalactite formations, which can also produce a desirable “bulls-eye” effect. On very rare occasions, malachite can be found in crystalline form.

Fine quality malachite has been mined in Romania, Zambia, Russia, the Middle East, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is readily available in the market, but imitation and composite material can also be found. An experienced buyer can usually tell the difference between simulated and natural material, but if in doubt, always purchase from a reputable dealer who sells only genuine natural malachite.

Malachite is easily recognized, due to its wavy bands of green in shades ranging from seafoam to dark forest.

Malachite Has Been Treasured for Thousands of Years

Malachite has been used as a gemstone and ornamental material for thousands of years. It has been carved into statues and used to create vases, boxes, pianos, fireplaces and other home décor.

The ancient Egyptians carved malachite into cabochons and beads for use in jewelry and ornaments. They also ground it to a fine powder and used the pigment for eye shadow and paint for tomb walls. This tradition of using malachite as a pigment for paint continued into the 16th century in Europe.

To this day, malachite can still be found in many different forms including cabochons and beads, bowls, boxes, pyramids, and freeforms, just to name a few.

Ornate malachite cabinet
Late 19th century cabinet created with cut and polished pieces of malachite. Photo credit: Charles Scheriff Galleries

Malachite is a Powerful Stone for Healing

“It is believed by some people that malachite is still evolving and will be one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium.” – Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible

For centuries, malachite has been used for its powerful healing properties. It contains copper, which has been used in bracelets and other jewelry to ease the pain caused by arthritis. Energy healers often use malachite in their practice, to help reduce pain and inflammation in their clients.

Malachite is most beneficial to the heart chakra, but it can also be used to balance the solar plexus.  It is a stone of transformation that protects against negative energy and creates synchronicities that keep the wearer from harm.

If someone is working toward a goal and finding that progress has stalled, malachite can assist in self-assessment and provide guidance on how to remove blockages and begin progressing forward again. Malachite can also boost confidence and creativity when it is most needed, and helps one find the willpower and desire to manifest dreams.

Ancient Egyptian wall painting
Malachite was used as a pigment in paint by the ancient Egyptians. It can be seen in this wall painting from the tomb of Nefertari.

Use Care When Working With Malachite

Malachite requires no treatment other than polishing to bring out it’s inner beauty, but it does require careful handling. The stone can be toxic and best handled in polished form. In the Middle Ages, malachite was used to cure stomach ailments, but due to it’s toxic nature, that is definitely not recommended. If using malachite for a gem elixir, do not put it directly into the water. Use an indirect method.  

Polished malachite freeforms
Polished malachite freeforms on display at the Tucson Gem Show

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