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Flower Agate: Follow Your Dreams

Flower Agate Brings Healing and Encouraging Energy

Flower agate is a rare type of plume agate that was discovered in 2016 on the island of Madagascar.  This beautiful stone has three-dimensional white chalcedony flowers that resemble cherry blossoms nestled in translucent fields of beige and taupe to peach and pink, with splotches of red. You may also see examples with occasional banding and small pockets of druse crystals. Flower agate emits a soft, feminine energy, but don’t let that fool you!  This magical stone contains carnelian, which produces an encouraging “get it done” kind of energy. These two energies combine to make flower agate a wonderful aid in manifesting and nurturing your passions and encouraging you to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest. It is a wonderful stone for an entrepreneur who has just started a business, or one who would like to see an existing business grow and flourish.

Flower Agate Makes a Wonderful Gift

As a gift, flower agate is perfect for someone who needs a fresh perspective after enduring a lengthy crisis, or who is simply exhausted from living through the difficult life challenges that many of us face.  It can be purchased in a variety of polished forms, including spheres, freeforms and palm stones, as well as beads and cabochons. Flower agate helps us recapture our childlike playfulness and reminds us of the joys of truly “living” again.

Flower Agate Palm Stones and Beads
In addition to crystals for display, flower agate is also sold in beads and cabochons.

Flower Agate by Any Other Name

With the discovery of a new stone, there is usually an initial lack of available information about it in the marketplace. Such is the case with flower agate. Many sellers have referred to it as “cherry blossom agate,” or “Sakura agate,” and some have even listed the mining source as as Japan.  This can lead to confusion among both sellers and buyers resulting in a continuous propagation of misinformation. Flower agate has only been found in Madagascar. However, there is a stone called “cherry blossom stone” which was found in Japan, and it is pictured in the image below. 

Cherry Blossom Stones from Japan
Cherry blossom stones from Kameoka, Honshu Island, Japan. Photo credit: John Rakoven et. al.

Flower Agate is Rare

There has never been a better time to purchase a piece of this beautiful agate. Flower agate is quite rare, and prices on higher quality material have already begun to increase since its introduction onto the market. We are thrilled to offer you a nice selection of top-quality material. Click here to shop for flower agate in our store!  

Flower Agate
Flower agate is available in a variety of polished forms, including freeforms, palm stones, and spheres.

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