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Kambaba Jasper: Restoring Emotional Balance

Kambaba jasper is a beautiful stone that features swirling patterns of black circles and ovals on a green background. It was named for the area of Madagascar where it was discovered, in the west central Bongolava region. Even though it commonly referred to as “jasper” in the industry, this stone isn’t a variety of jasper, at all.

Confusion and Misinformation about Kambaba Jasper

Many websites state that Kambaba jasper is sedimentary in origin, and that it is a fossil stromatolite, containing the impressions of ancient algae colonies.  This is incorrect.  
An analysis conducted by the Institut Für Edelstein Prüfung in Germany indicates that Kambaba “jasper” is a special type of rhyolite that is volcanic in origin. It contains quartz, aegirine, feldspar, and trace amounts of calcite. The circular patterns are caused by very small amphibole needles.

Kambaba jasper is also sometimes confused with Nebula Stone, which was discovered in Mexico in 1995. Although their appearance is similar, nebula stone has a slightly different mineral composition. It is a mix of zircon, aegirine, acmite, riebeckite, anorthoclase, and quartz. Nebula stone also has a black body color with green circles and patterns on it. The body color of Kambaba jasper is primarily green.

Other trade names for Kambaba jasper are crocodile jasper, crocodile rock, cambamba, kambamba, amphibianite, and eldarite.

Nebula Stone and Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba jasper is often sold as Nebula stone, but they are entirely different stones. The stone labeled “A” in the photo is Nebula Stone. The stone labeled “B” is Kambaba jasper. Photo credit: K. Sieber,

Kambaba Jasper Promotes Tranquility

Kambaba jasper is connected to the heart and root chakras and emits a calming, nurturing energy. It provides us with a deeper understanding of our emotional needs and why we react the way we do, toward other people and our environment. Kambaba jasper also removes blockages in the physical and energetic bodies and rebalances the heart chakra.

Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba jasper connects to the heart chakra and provides us with a deeper understanding of our emotional needs.

Kambaba Jasper is a Thoughtful Gift

Because of its nurturing energy, Kambaba jasper is an excellent choice to place out of reach in the bedroom of an infant or small child, or in a room with a new pet. It is a very calming stone that banishes nightmares and promotes deep, restful sleep.

This stone is also a thoughtful gift to give someone who is dealing with a difficult situation. It reduces stress, releases negative thoughts, and helps one focus on what is really important.  

Animals can sense the energy of crystals. The calming and nurturing energy of Kamaba jasper may help a new pet adjust to unfamiliar surroundings.

Kambaba jasper is most often sold in spheres, obelisks, palm stones, tumbled stones and carvings. We currently have Kambaba jasper available in our store. Click here to shop!

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