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Home Crystals Quartz Yellow Hematoid Quartz “Golden Healer” Tower 446g 123mm x 50mm

Yellow Hematoid Quartz “Golden Healer” Tower 446g 123mm x 50mm


Top-quality yellow hematoid quartz, also known as “Golden Healer.”

Mined in Madagascar.

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Our yellow hematoid quartz towers are cut and polished from top quality material, mined in Madagascar. They feature beautiful golden and brown iron oxide inclusions in clear quartz. Some of them have rainbows and other special features.

Sometimes referred to as “Golden Healer,” yellow hematoid quartz corresponds to the solar plexus chakra and helps instill confidence and courage. It clears blockages and imbalances in all chakras, aiding in the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Although it is a powerful crystal with a high vibration, the energy of yellow hematoid quartz is very gentle and soothing.

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