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Veinless Marovato Ocean Jasper® Palm Stone 90g 56x50mm


Veinless Ocean Jasper® palm stone

Marovato Mine, Madagascar


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Ocean Jasper® is a trademarked name for orbicular jasper, a stone that was discovered in Madagascar in the late 1990’s.  It is well-known for its swirling patterns of multiple colors and dots, caused by orbs that formed inside the material.  Ocean Jasper® was first introduced to the market at the Tucson gem show in January of 2000.

This palm stone is cut from material found in the Marovato mine in Madagascar. The deposit was found just after the 8th vein was discovered. Because this material was found in two small pockets, rather than in a vein formation, it is referred to as “veinless.”

Ocean Jasper® corresponds to all chakras, but it is especially beneficial to the root chakra. It has a calming and relaxing energy and promotes optimism and joy. Ocean Jasper® encourages you to focus on yourself and to realize your personal power.

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