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One (1) Trolleite 8mm Bead Bracelet


Top-quality Brazilian Trolleite

The price is for 1 (one) intuitively selected 8mm bead bracelet.

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You will receive one (1) intuitively chosen 8mm stretch bead bracelet, which fits a medium-sized (6-7”) wrist.

We were thrilled to find these trolleite bracelets during our recent trip to the Tucson Gem Show! Trolleite is an extremely rare mineral which is commonly found as an inclusion in quartz, alongside similar minerals such as scorzalite and lazulite. The beads in these bracelets are very high-quality, and we love the variation of colors!

Trolleite is associated with the crown, third eye, and throat chakras. It increases spiritual awareness and connection with the Higher Self. Trolleite also enhances psychic and intuitive abilities, and aids in dream recall.

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