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One (1) Bumblebee Jasper Puffy Heart Palm Stone


The price shown is for one (1) intuitively selected bumblebee jasper puffy heart. They measure approximately 45mm wide x 40mm tall x 20mm thick. These hearts are cut and polished from top-quality material, with beautiful patterns and colors!

Mined in Indonesia

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Bumblebee jasper is very difficult for miners to obtain, as it is found in fumerole pockets on the side of Mount Papandayan, an active volcano in Indonesia. Because of the unique conditions that surround the formation of this material, it is unknown how long the source will continue to produce, and it is unlikely that it will be discovered in another location. Because of this, we felt compelled to offer bumblebee jasper while high quality material is still available.

These puffy heart palm stones are cut and polished from top quality material. They measure approximately 45mm wide x 40mm tall x 20mm but will vary slightly in size.  Bumblebee jasper is a rare and beautiful material that is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It increases confidence and personal power, while encouraging us to be more adventurous. Bumblebee jasper also enhances creative manifestation. It’s an excellent crystal to work with all year, but especially during the summer solstice.

Please keep in mind that each of these crystals is beautifully unique, and colors may vary by monitor.

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