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Pyrite:  Manifest Abundance and Prosperity

Pyrite crystals are metallic in appearance and are most often found in a brassy yellow color. They can sometimes be found with a grayish tint. Most people are inherently drawn to pyrite because it has the look of luxury. Many inexperienced gold prospectors have been disappointed to find that the “gold” they had discovered was actually pyrite. Thus, it was given the nickname “Fools Gold.”  Pyrite is an indicator mineral for gold, though, and the two minerals will occasionally grow together. If the pyrite contains enough gold, mining it can be a commercially viable option.   

Pyrite Comes in Many Forms From Many Different Places

Pyrite has been found in several places, but the most important deposits are in Peru, Italy and Spain. The crystals come in many different forms, which vary by location. In Peru, pyrite is typically found in masses of small crystals, which can be grooved or smooth. Unless these masses are of specimen grade, the material is cut and polished into spears, obelisks, skulls, and other shapes. Spain produces specimens of pyrite in perfectly formed cubes which are highly prized by collectors. On rare occasions, pyrite can be found in fossils and as dendritic or crystalline inclusions in quartz and other stones. Lapis lazuli will often contain small flecks of pyrite, which can be used by gemologists to separate the stone from sodalite, during the identification process.  

Pyrite Cube
Spain produces very desirable specimens of pyrite that form naturally in cubes. They can be purchased in single crystals or attached to a matrix like the one in this photo.

Another pyrite rarity is a flat disc-type formation, which is found in Illinois, United States. These formations are sometimes referred to as “pyrite suns” or “miners’ dollars,” and they are highly collectible.

Pyrite Sun Formation
These rare pyrite disc formations are found in Illinois, USA. They are referred to as “suns” or “miners’ dollars” and form as floater crystals between an ancient bed of shale and clay. Photo credit: Robert M. Lavinsky, Creative Commons

Pyrite Has Been Used Throughout History

The name “pyrite” is derived from the Greek word “pyr,” or “pyros,”meaning “fire.” It was given this name due to the ability to create a spark, by striking it against a piece of metal or other hard surface.  Because of this unique property, pyrite was used as a spark-producing material in flintlock rifles.  

Pyrite encrusted mirrors have been found, widely distributed from the Mayan areas to the Southwestern United States, and into South and Central America. The stone was treasured by the Native Americans, who believed that it possessed healing magic. These mirrors were most likely used for gazing and divination.

During the Victorian Era, pyrite was popular in Europe for use in jewelry pieces. It was also carved into buckles, snuff boxes and other ornamental items.

Pyritized Ammonite Fossil
On rare occasions, pyrite can be found in fossils, such as this ammonite. Photo credit: Hild L Smith, Wikimedia Commons

Pyrite Can Help Manifest Prosperity and Abundance

Pyrite will not magically produce winning lottery numbers. However, it can steer one toward a path of abundance, by encouraging creativity and assertive action. Pyrite can improve our lives by helping us overcome bad habits and develop healthy and productive routines.

One of the most popular uses of pyrite is as the focal stone of a crystal grid. By tapping into our intuition and setting the right intentions, prosperity and abundance in many forms will start to manifest. Sometimes, this process can happen so quickly that it actually feels like “magic.”

Pyrite Sphere
This beautifully polished pyrite sphere contains pockets of natural crystals. It would be ideal to use as the focal point of a crystal grid.

Wear and Store Your Pyrite Carefully

For anyone who is a “magnet” for mosquitos, pyrite can be worn for protection against insects. However, being exposed to sweat can cause it to rust. Pyrite specimens and crystals used by practitioners need to be stored in a dry environment because exposure to excessive moisture will cause them to start breaking down.  

No Water
Pyrite crystals should be stored in a dry environment. If exposed to excessive moisture, they will begin to break down.

Pyrite Crystals Make Excellent Gifts

The gift of pyrite will appeal to many different types of people. Crystal practitioners and collectors include pyrite among their favorite crystals. Students can benefit greatly from pyrite, because it helps improve focus and mental clarity. It is also known to relieve feelings of anxiety and frustration, and to boost confidence. Pyrite makes a great gift for an entrepreneur who is working to start a new business, or who wants to manifest growth and prosperity for an existing business. When placed on a desk or bookshelf, pyrite exudes the feeling of luxury and success.

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Pyrite masses are often cut and polished into different shapes, such as the spheres, obelisks, and hearts seen in this photo. All of these pieces are from Peru.

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